Nikon D5300 Review : Full Review

Whether Photography is your passion or you are a content creator on youtube, A good DSLR camera can enhance your talent and your content to the next level. That’s why I have come up with the Nikon D5300 Review.

There are so many cameras in the market which confuses peoples which camera to buy and which one to not so, in this case, this article may help you.

If you are a Youtuber or thinking of starting your youtube channel it’s very necessary for you to choose the right camera for you. There are some cheap tools in the market as well as expensive too. that’s what makes difficult for peoples especially for Youtubers to choose the right camera for them in their budget. that’s why today I have brought you Nikon D5300 Review.

Nikon D5300 Review


Let’s talk about the Nikon D5300 Review It’s a very good 24 Megapixel. DSLR and has 3.2 inches of screen, Plus with a 39-point Auto Focus system. This camera can shoot HD videos up to 1920 × 1080 resolution.

If you have a fixed budget for buying a DSLR camera and if you are really serious and passionate about photography, Then this it is an excellent camera for you.


Whenever we buy a camera the first thing we see in a camera is the looks(body) of the camera contains all necessary Important functions without which a camera cannot be called a camera.

The weight of the camera is 480 g which makes this camera very lightweight.

The camera also has Wifi connectivity which is a must-have feature for some people.


So that now we have talked all about this camera’s body, Now let I explain to you about the screen.

As I said already It has a 3.2 inches Screen. This is a very good feature especially if you are a Youtuber, With this feature, you can see yourself while shooting your videos as other budget cameras do not give this feature.

All the adjustments and features are available for you in it and you can easily configure. The Most Important adjustments and features of the camera can also be managed through the touch screen. These adjustments are:

  • Brightness
  • Colour
  • Contrast
  • Auto Mode
  • Manual Mode, etc.


This camera has AF-P DY Nikkor 18-55 mm lens with f/3.5-5.6G VR Which is Amazing combination.


When don’t have any External Mic then you don’t have to worry because It also provides offers you a feature of stereo microphone Which will also help you for recording a good quality sound even without an external microphone.


The battery you will get with this Nikon D5300 is EN-EL14a Lithium Battery. A good Battery is similar to the heart of a camera without a battery a camera is not a camera with a screen. To get the most of out this camera you need a very good battery which you will get in it.

Adaptor/ Charger

A good battery always makes the gadget stand out from the rest. The AC adapter of this camera with this camera is the main power source of this Canon D5300.

You get an EH-5b AC Adaptor with this camera which requires an EP-5A power connector.


The next thing comes in the Nikon D5300 Review is the USB support. You will get the USB with this camera, the built quality of the USB is very good.

The USB is so fast and transfers files very quickly.

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Memory Card

The next thing in the Nikon D5300 Review is a memory card.

The Memory card you will get with this camera is of 16 GB. If that’s not enough for then you can buy another memory card separately to Its memory.

16 Gb is a decent memory card which is not much and not much less.


The D5300 has 15 buttons, two switches, and three dials. That can be intimidating for beginners, but the good thing is all the features are close to the hands for the experienced shooter. The control dial on the back makes it easy to use options such as shutter speed or aperture.

The buttons near the shutter give you the function to stop and start video recording and add exposure compensation (To make the images brighter or darker in auto mode) without looking the viewfinder.

There are the drive-mode buttons also such as single photo, burst shooting, etc on the front by the lens mount.

Low light Photography

The Next section in Nikon D5300 Review is Low light photography. To Shoot Images in low light means you have to boost ISO light sensitivity, You have to push the ISO settings above 1600.

The camera is quite good at capturing Low light Images. This camera delivers three levels of noise reduction – low, normal, and high.

After capturing the low light Images, The details of the Images comes fine. Another option is capturing the Images in RAW and Use an editing program like Photoshop so you can easily fine-tune the Image.

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Video quality

This camera can shoot HD videos at up to 60 frames per second. This makes the video realistic and smoother on big screens.

You can expect smooth movement of the object, good details, and accurate colors in a bright day at the highest-quality settings.

You will experience a lot of noise in low light conditions. Though still, the movement will remain smooth. this is something which is not surprising as it happens in other lots of cameras in this price range.

Pros And Cons

So we have talked about all the features and functions in this Nikon D5300 Review. Now, Let’s talk about some pros and cons of this camera.


  • Images taken from this camera have good details and accurate colors
  • High ISO capability
  • Very easy to handle and use
  • Built-in GPS


  • Noise reduction can be overly aggressive sometimes especially in low light conditions.
  • Some controls are oddly placed
  • 18-140mm kit lens loses fine detail

In Box Accessories

Now let’s talk about things you will get out of the box when you buy a DSLR camera and open the box.

  • Camera
  • Body cap
  • Lens
  • Eyepiece
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Audio Video Cable
  • USB Cable
  • View NX2
  • Hot shoe Cover
  • Strap

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So that is Nikon D5300 Review I have given you all the features and functions Information about this camera and there is no reason to not buy this amazing DSLR camera.

This camera is so lightweight, Very easy to handle and you can easily carry this camera anywhere because this camera is very portable.

The best thing about this camera is that Its Budget-Friendly which most peoples demand.

Either you are a beginner in Photography or a Youtuber, this camera can perfectly fit in your Budget.

The high image quality is the best feature of this camera.

As I already told you there are a lot of reasons to buy this camera but there is no reason to not buy this camera.

So this is my Nikon D5300 Review. I hope this review provides you value and helps you to choose the perfect camera for you.

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