How To Unlist From Truecaller In Easy Steps

Today In this post I will tell you how to unlist from Truecaller which you may also want to know how it all works.  After unlisting your number from Truecaller, If anyone will search your mobile number in Truecaller then your name will be no longer there.

In Truecaller service If you search a mobile number in Truecaller, Then it will automatically show your name, State and Sim card provider etc.

Many people may already know that we can change the name in the Truecaller so that no one can spy on you and your mobile number.

Sometimes Truecaller can be a problem for some people because with the help of that any unknown person can know your name and location very easily So that’s why It’s important for you to know how to unlist from Truecaller.

How To Unlist From Truecaller

To unlist from Truecaller first you have to go to unlist page in Truecaller. You can go to the unlist page directly from here.

  • After going to the unlist page first thing you need to do is select country.
  • After selecting the country you will see the option to enter your phone number and note that while entering your phone number you have to enter your country code too.
  • Then you will see a captcha you have to click on I’m not Robot and click on unlist number.
  • In the next window also you have to click on unlist number and after 24 hours, Your name and number will be removed.

After following this step, you can easily unlist from Truecaller and after that nobody will be able to see your name number on Truecaller.

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How To Delete Your Truecaller Account

  • To delete an account from Truecaller First open your Truecaller App.
  • In the upper left side click on the three lines button.
  • Then go to settings and then go to the Privacy Center Tab.
  • After going to the Privacy Center you will see the option of Deactivate, just simply click on that.
  • After that new window will be open just click on yes.

That’s It, Your Truecaller account is successfully deleted and now nobody can see your personal details.

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How To Change Name In Truecaller (Using PC)

  • First, go to the Truecaller website, Then you will see a search box. Put the mobile number in that search box Whose name you want to change, then press Enter.
  • Then you will see the details of that number like name and address.
  • Now you have to suggest the correct name to Truecaller which you want people to see. After suggesting your correct name Truecaller will change your name.
  • Then you will see a new page, On that page, you have to suggest your name.
  • First Type the correct name, select between a person and business and then click suggest a better name.
  • Then at last click on close.

Done, You have successfully suggested the correct name to Truecaller and after some time your name will be changed.

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How To Change Name In Truecaller (Using Mobile)

First I told you how to unlist from Truecaller, Now I will show you how to change a name in Truecaller using mobile.

  • First, download the Truecaller App on your mobile and Install.
  • Then open the Truecaller App and put your mobile number in it.
  • After putting in the number the App will automatically verify your mobile number.
  • After the verification process on the next page Enter your first name, last name, Email ID and then click on continue.
  • Then Truecaller will be activated on your mobile and the name you entered while registering your number, That name will be shown automatically and that’s how your new name will be changed with the previous name.

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Conclusion: How To Unlist From Truecaller

In this post, I explained to you how to unlist from Truecaller in very easy few steps and also explained to you how to change your name in Truecaller using PC and Mobile. I hope you also liked how to delete your account from Truecaller in few easy steps.

I hope you like all the Information I given you in this article regarding Truecaller and all the Information given above is very easy to Implement because I tried my best to explain you all of the Information in step by step process.

Feel free to comment below if you have any query regarding this post and you can also share additional Information related to this post in the comment section below so It helps as many people as it can.

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