How To Save Phone Battery – 10 Tips & Tricks to Improve phone battery

Smartphone has become the need of everyone in today’s time whether it is to run Facebook or WhatsApp in the mobile or to watch the video or to search anything as if all this is not possible without the mobile. Now If you use all of the things on your mobile, the battery will end a lot soon and you are tired of charging the mobile repeatedly. Want to save the battery as much as possible, in today’s article, I will tell you how to save phone battery and Can enhance the battery life of smartphones. If you did follow these tips correctly you can extend your battery life very well.

There are so many ways to save battery in the mobile phone but in some cases you will need some important and effective tips that will increase the battery life of your mobile and the battery will not be finished quickly of  your mobile, at the same time as well as this will help in saving data in your phone too and That’s why I will give you some amazing Battery saving tip so that you know well how to save phone battery.

how to save phone battery

1. Don’t Charge Your Phone Battery To Full 100%

The first trick in this list of how to save phone battery is Don’t charge your phone battery to full 100%. Most People charge Their phone to full 100% but that’s absolutely wrong and charging your phone to 100% weakens the phone’s battery.

I himself noticed that whenever I charge my phone to 100% It goes down below 90% very quickly, maybe you also realized that with your phone and It’s a very common mistake, often many people do that mistake.

So, The question will be in your mind right now is so how much percent should I charge my phone battery? Its correct answer is 90% don’t charge your phone battery over 90% keep It below 90%. So, From now keep this Trick in your mind and use this trick precisely.

2. Don’t Let Your Phone Shutdown By 0% Charging

The next trick for how to save phone battery is Don’t Let Your Phone Shutdown By 0% Charging. Just like You should not charge a battery to 100% the same applies for you should not either let your phone shut down by 0% charging.

Letting your phone shut down by not charging your phone decrease your phone’s battery. You should not let your phone charging go below 20% that’s what most people suggest and not letting it go below 20% is absolutely perfect to keep your battery healthy.

3. Turn Off Background Data Of Your Phone

You probably do not know that all mobile apps run in the background of your Android mobile, And that’s why sometimes the data of your phone costs you a lot and that’s why your mobile battery end very soon.

If you notice that whenever you turn on the mobile data of your phone, the battery of your phone ends very quickly and If you use your phone without using the Internet, Then the battery lasts longer in this case. So, all of the battery draining is because of the Background data.

So in this situation, if you do not use the data in the background of all those apps you don’t want, then you can close the background data of all those Apps, which will save the battery of your mobile and also the mobile data and your mobile Battery life will increase more than ever.

Follow the steps given to restrict background data:-

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Click on data usage
  • Then click on Background data
  • Now the App you want to Turn Off click on that.

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4. Disable Auto Update On Play Store

Another tip and trick on how to save phone battery are Disable Auto Update On Play Store. To save mobile battery life of your phone, you should go to the Play Store on your mobile to close the auto update app because you saw whenever you are connected to any WiFi and If there Is an update in the mobile, then the Play store will start Updating all the apps Automatically and that the battery of your mobile is consumed very quickly, this is also one of the reasons, Your phone’s battery ends very quickly.

Follow the steps given to disable Auto update on play store:-

  • Open play store
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on settings
  • Then click on Auto Updates
  • Then select Do not Update Option

5. Turn Off Location, Bluetooth, And Wifi

The fifth trick in this list of how to save phone battery is Turning Off Location, Bluetooth, And Wifi. Often people do not use a lot of things in mobile but keep it on, which reduces battery life. Your Android mobile battery will end soon enough.

You may have seen when you use Bluetooth in mobile and forget to turn it off when it is not used, such as when using WiFi, so if you want to save the battery of the mobile, then all these things you should keep in mind. Not closing Location, Bluetooth, And Wifi can make your battery weak.

Simultaneously, Most people keep on the GPS navigation in the mobile and forget to close the location too. You may know that mobile apps use your location, which means both the battery and the data will be used. So If you not using these things It would be better to shut them off.

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6. Turn Down Brightness

The next thing you can do to in this list of how to save phone battery is Turn down the Brightness of your phone. One of the reasons for the battery drainage in mobile is the mobile brightness. If you put the brightness of your mobile in auto mode or use the mobile brightness in full, it will reduce the battery life of the mobile and will End the battery much quicker.

Source: Tech Adviser

Along with that our mobile heat starts due to putting the brightness full or Auto mode, so be sure to keep the phone brightness at normal. So you can increase the health of the battery.

7. Don’t Install Any Battery Saver Apps

The next trick in this list of how to save phone battery is Do not use any type of battery saver app to save battery life, because those battery saver apps fully restrict the background data of your mobile, but they do not restrict the data of their own app and Show you their Ads, which Consumes both battery and data of your phone,

whatever these Apps do you can also do that manually by going to the mobile settings, you do not need to use any kind of mobile app to save battery. You do not need to restrict the background data fully because this will stop all the Apps that are running and will take time to open those Apps again.

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8. Reduce The Screen Timeout

The next trick in this post of how to save phone battery is Reduce the Screen timeout. Some people don’t even know about this is that their phone’s screen stays on while they don’t even use their phone at that time.

In some phones, these settings come with auto screen timeout of 2 minutes which is too much I personally prefer and use 30 seconds of screen timeout setting because If we not using our phone and our mobile screen is on, Then there is no use of that setting and it will reduce the battery.

To change the screen timeout of your phone you can go to settings and change It very easily and you can even use apps to set different Screen timeout setting for different Apps.

9. Use Power Saving Mode

The next tip I have for you on how to save phone battery is Use Power Saving Mode. Most of the Phone companies give Inbuilt Power saving mode in their phones but some people don’t take this seriously.

In many phones, the power saving mode automatically gets enabled when the phone battery gets below 15%. Everyone should use their phone Inbuilt power saving mode because the mobile company knows there phones better than anyone else and they know how to get most out of their phone.

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10. Look for the Apps that wastes Battery Most

The last trick in this list of how to save phone battery is looking for the Apps that wastes the battery most. The best thing you can do save and increase your battery life is looking for apps that consume most power out of your battery.

You can easily find the Apps that use the battery most by going to your phone setting and then to the Battery section and see which Apps is using most battery and data of your phone battery and If you are not using that App much then you can Close that App.


So, That was my article on how to save phone battery and these 10 Tips and Tricks can help you a lot If you use these tricks correctly.

These Tips and Tricks can Increase the Time Spam of your phone battery and using these tricks regularly will make your Battery Power better.

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