Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks of 2019

I do not need to tell you how much Popular is Whatsapp in social media Platforms. Whatsapp Creators keeps adding one feature to others in an attractive way so that more users join and enjoy Whatsapp. Do you know that Whatsapp keeps making some changes in its updates, adding new tricks to it, I will give you the latest WhatsApp tricks in this post and Then you can use these tricks. So, Let’s get started.

Best WhatsApp Tricks Of 2019

1. Send Bold and Italic message

So the first trick in our list of top 10 WhatsApp tricks is Sending someone a message using Bold and Italic will enhance your messages and the best part is don’t need to install any app to send the messages in bold and Italic to anyone. To send someone messages in Bold and Italic use the Examples I have given below:

  • To send someone message in Bold Text Example – (*Your Message*).
  • To send someone message in Italic Text Example – (_Your Message_).
  • Example of striking through the text – (~Your Message~).

2. Save your Favourite Messages

You can save the messages, which are your favorite and Important messages on Whatsapp at one place so that it can be easily found later. Let me tell you how you can save messages.

  • Tape the message you want to save
  • Now in the top, you will see a menu, in which you click on the star (star) option and save your message.

Now check how your message has been saved Simple tricks:

  • Click on the three dots that appear in the top
  • Now you will see all the stared messages you saved previously, all the messages will be saved with this method.

This WhatsApp trick can be favorite of some people out of all the top 10 WhatsApp tricks.

3. Disable auto-downloading of media

When we turn on the data connection in our phones and open WhatsApp, suddenly WhatsApp started downloading all the media files people sent us in different groups and by peoples, Media files like Images, Videos, Gifs, and Audio files. And the worst thing is it happens automatically, Whatsapp app doesn’t even ask the permission to us whether this media file should be downloaded or not. If it happens with you too then don’t worry I will tell you how to disable this auto-downloading of media.

  • First of all, open WhatsApp and click on the three dots on the Right side.
  • Now after that click on Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Media Auto Download.
  • And then, disable Media auto-download while using mobile data and when connected to wi-fi.

Most of the people don’t know this trick that was my main reason to add this trick in my top 10 WhatsApp tricks.

4. Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

Do you know that you can even recover deleted Whatsapp messages? If by mistake you deleted some important Whatsapp messages then you don’t have to worry because with this WhatsApp trick you can recover your deleted Whatsapp messages very easily.

  • Connect your mobile to the PC with the help of USB Cable.
  • Then First go to the folder Whatsapp and after opening WhatsApp folder go to the folder database.
  • Here you will find the file named msgstore.db.crypt.
  • You can easily open this file with Notepad to read the messages.

This trick maybe is the best trick out of all the tricks top 10 best WhatsApp tricks because there will be no better feeling than getting back our Important messages.

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5. Send large file sizes

Sending the large file size in WhatsApp is very difficult and WhatsApp has file size restrictions too, For example, you cannot send someone a video whose size is more than 16MB. In this trick, I will tell you how you can send someone a larger file size like APK, Zip, RAR, and videos.

  • First Install the App Dropbox, It gives you free space of more than 1Gb.
  • Upload the file you want to send someone to Dropbox.
  • After uploading the file on Dropbox, you can create download links to send someone that file and the best part is after downloading of the file you can delete that link so no-one else can download that file.

Sending large size files is the main issue on WhatsApp this can be the handiest trick out of all the WhatsApp tricks in this list.

6. Take A Backup Of Your Chat To Google Drive

In this trick, I will explain to you how you can take backup your chats, Videos, Images and all the media files to google drive. Taking the regular backups of your Whatsapp is very beneficial, If you bought a new phone and you want to keep the Whatsapp messages and media files in your new phone, you can do that easily If you take regular backup of your WhatsApp account.

  • First, open your WhatsApp app
  • After that Click the three dots Menu and chats.
  • then click chat back up
  • Then, Select option of backup to Google Drive and from here you can daily take Backups of your Whatsapp account.
  • Done. After that Backup of your WhatsApp messages will be done automatically into your Google drive account.

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7. Tag A Friend In Whatsapp Group

Maybe some people will already know this trick but if you don’t know I will explain you this trick, With this trick, you can easily tag any of your friends in the WhatsApp group or attachment just like you do on Facebook. So’let’s know how you can Tag a friend in the WhatsApp group.

  •  First, Open group chat
  • Then Type @
  • After you Type @, You will see the full list of all the group members.
  • And to Tag your Friend tap on friend’s name.
  • Done. You have tagged your friend.

8. Create a Chat Shortcut

If you talk to someone a lot or like talking to a friend more than others, Then you can make a shortcut of his chat so that you don’t have to open WhatsApp every time, You can easily click on the chat shortcut on Homescreen and start chatting to him. So, Let’s know how to create a chat shortcut of your favorite friend.

  • open the WhatsApp app
  • Long Press on your friend’s chat
  • Then, Click on three dots and select the option Add Chat Shortcut.
  • Done and now your friend’s chat shortcut is in your home screen.

9. Send Message To All Of Your Friends In One Click

By using this trick you can send a message to all of your friends by only sending it once. Some people may already know this trick It’s WhatsApp Broadcasting.

  • First, Make a broadcasting list on your WhatsApp
  • Add all your friends in Broadcasting list whom you want to send a message.
  • Then, Type the message you want to send to your friends and then send it.
  • That’s It. All of your friends will receive your message and you only sent it once.

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10. Run Whatsapp On Desktop and Web

Many people are familiar with using Whatsapp on the desktop but I still add this trick for those who don’t know about this. With this trick, you can use WhatsApp on your PC and on the web. So, Let’s know how this works.

  • First, Download the WhatsApp application for desktop or Mac according to do platform you use.
  • Then, scan the QR Code from your mobile for verification.
  • After, This full procedure you will be able to use WhatsApp very easily on your PC or Mac.

Conclusion: Best WhatsApp Tricks Of 2019

So It’s time, to sum up, what I explained to you in this article above. I have explained you best Whatsapp tricks of 2019, Some of you people maybe get bored by using Whatsapp I hope these tricks will add new joy to your face.

If you already know some of the Whatsapp tricks I mentioned above that’s not a problem, You can use the tricks you don’t know from this list and you should definitely use these tricks right now.

At Last, You should also share these tricks with your family members and with friends so that they also stay updated about Whatsapp.

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