Top 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

After the arrival of Smartphones in human life, It completely changed the life of every person. What can’t we do with the Smartphone? Booking of tickets, transfer of money, Shopping and much more. Just like these features, there are also other decent features we can use in our Smartphone like recording our voice that’s why I’ve written this article to share with you the best voice recorder apps for android.

Lot’s of people use the voice recorder for different reasons like Journalists record Interview with voice recorder apps, Students record lectures, To send someone a voice record message, and Singers also use voice recording apps, Capture meetings That’s why in this article I will tell you the top 10 best voice recorder apps for android.

In some Mobiles, the voice recorder app comes Pre-installed but some mobile companies don’t provide the voice recorder app So, In that case, you can read this article to get you the best voice recorder app for you.

Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

1. Easy Voice Recorder

The first app in this list is Easy Voice Recorder. This app has overall downloads of more than 10 million plus with a rating of 4.4 out 5 on Google Play Store. This app download size is only 5.1 MB.

You can use this app every day to record songs, Capture meetings, Personal notes, record classes and much more. This app can be used by students, Businesses, For Musicians. A user can record high-quality PCM, MP4, Or you can use AMR to save space. You can quickly start a new recording with shortcuts and widgets and can easily share that voice record through email or with your any other favorite app.

It also has Android Wear Support that means you can directly start recording from your smartwatch. It has light and dark themes and much more features like you can trim recording and remove the section you don’t want, record in stereo, volume boost, Import files and much more.

2. Voice Recorder

The next app in this list of top 10 best voice recorder apps for android is Voice Recorder. This is also a very good app to record your voice. It has been already downloaded by more than 10 million plus peoples and rated 4.8 out of 5 on the play store. Its download size is also very small only 4.4 MB.

With this app also you can record high-quality voice recordings without any time limits and Its completely free to use. It has a very simple User Interface and is very easy to use App. This app supports audio formats like mp3 and Ogg.

You can delete the recording right from the app. It also provides you with the live audio spectrum analyzer and you can easily share the recording with anyone.

3. Smart Recorder

The next app I have for you is the Smart Recorder. This app is specially designed for recording a high-quality and longtime recording with skip silence. This app is also downloaded by 10 million plus peoples with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and Its size is only 896 KB.

It gives you features like you can control sensitivity with automatic and manual for skip silence, It also offers you live audio spectrum analyzer to analyze your recording. You can even record in the background even If a screen is off, You will also get a Microphone calibration tool.

You can easily set any recording as an alarm, ringtone, or notification and all of this only in one click that’s what makes this app one of the best voice recorder apps for android.

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4. Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro is an app that is full of features for Users, It is already downloaded by 10 million plus peoples with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with the download size of only 2.4 MB. If you want app full of features, then this can be the app for you.

It is a fully featured, easy to use, excellent design and free to use an app. You will not have any time limit to record high-quality recordings with this app. You can record speeches, business meetings, interviews and lectures etc without any problem.

A User can adjust the sample rate of the audio from 8kHz to 44kHz, can also change bitrate from 32 to 320 kbps, Supports stereo and mono recording, Record in the background and set the recording as the ringtone, alarm and notification sound etc.

5. RecForge II

The next app I have for you in this list of Top 10 best voice recorder apps for android is RecForge II. More than 1 million plus people have already downloaded this app and given the rating of 4.1 out 5. Download size of this app is 7.6 MB.

It is a highly customizable recorder app, you can use this app with an external app, you can skip silences, you can adjust tempo, pitch, playing rate of your recordings too. a user can record in the background, play a recording on loop selection and live audio spectrum analyzer.

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6. Snip back

The next best voice recorder app I have for you is Snip Back. This app is downloaded by 10K people with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The size of this app is 5.4 MB. For taking audio notes, Conference recording and for journalism. It is a very clean and neat app designed for the best user experience.

Features like a hidden voice recorder can be a very handy app for someone who wants to record someone without letting them know. Noise reduction is another great feature in this app which will reduce the background noise.

7. Music Maker Jam

If you are a musician or love to make music this app is one of the best voice recorder apps for android. Music Maker Jam is downloaded by more than 10 million plus peoples with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on play store. the size of this app is 77 MB.

you can create music, remix and share it with anyone with ease, you can also choose from thousands of studio quality loops, samples, beats to mix your songs.

A user can choose from 300 plus mix packs like hip-hop, pop, rock jazz, trap, dubstep and much more, Remix tracks by only shaking your phone and record your own vocals too. There are lots of features too If are Interested in music you should definitely check this app.

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8. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

The next app is Hi-Q MP3 voice Recorder in this list of best voice recorder apps for android. It has more than 1 million plus downloads on play store and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The total size of this app is 3.9 MB and this app free.

This is a very simple app, It has a very responsive interface. You can open the app quickly because it provides the home screen widgets with an amazing quality of the voice recordings. All your recordings will be safe and you can directly store them in Dropbox and Google drive.

9. Cogi – Notes And Voice Recorder

The next App I have for you in this list of best voice recorder apps for android is Cogi. This app is downloaded by 100k people with a rating of 4.0 out of 5. this app’s size is 12 MB. It is a modern note-taking app plus with voice recording support.

You can record what you hear with this app, You can also back it up your recordings in Cogi Cloud for absolutely free. Its interface is very easy to use, No time limits on this app, High-quality HD voice recording. A user can easily create audio voice notes.

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10. Lexis Audio Editor

The last app in this list of best voice recorder apps for android is Lexis Audio Editor. This app is downloaded by 1 million plus peoples with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. this app’s size is 20 MB. By the name of this app, you may already understand that this app not only records your voice, It is also capable of editing the recording you recorded.

It has paid version too but Its trial version gives you all the features that it’s paid version gives you like options to save in m4a, wav, aac etc. This app has features like 10 band equalizer, trim, fade in, fade out, Record into existing files, normalizing, noise reduction, Compressor, Change tempo, speed, pitch and much more.

The features I mentioned you above about this app some of the best features any app can give you In terms of editing the audio. It is one of the best voice recorder apps on the Play store.


These are my Top 10 picks for best voice recorder apps for android, All of the apps I mentioned above is really amazing apps to record your voice. If you are a musician or have Interested in Music then you can use the app like Music Maker Jam or If you are students then you can use the app like Cogi – Notes And Voice Recorder and If you want only a good voice recording app then you can choose any app out of all 10 Apps.

If you have any question, Query or doubt you can comment me below and don’t forget to tell me If you like any other voice recording app and at last Share this article on social media to help other peoples too.

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