Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For Android

Some People can’t live without Music for even one day and almost everyone likes to listen to Music especially on their Android phones while traveling or In our free time and Some people also like to listen to Music while Studying So that’s why I will share with you the best music player apps for Android.

There are thousands of Music player Apps available in the Play store to download which can help you to listen to your favorite Music in Android phone.

In this article, I will share with you some of the best music player apps for android, After using these Apps you will not have any problem with choosing the best music player apps for you and In case If your phone doesn’t have any Pre-Installed Music player App then also You can choose the best music player apps for you.

Best music player apps for Android

1. BlackPlayer Music Player

The first music player I have for in this list of best music player apps for Android is the Black Music Player App and it is a very beautiful music player. It has a lot of features inside it if someone uses it for the first time, he really gets very impressed because its look and its features are so good and that makes the User use this App plus you can do lots of Audio Settings too.

This music player supports MP3s and Flac, Ogg and Wav, and also supports Bass boost & 3D Surround Virtualizer and with the editing of the tag, anyone can know all the details of the song such as the name of the album and artist name etc.

It also has an automatic sleeper time out. This feature helps you if you want to sleep in some minutes, Then you can set the Sleeper time and It will close the App automatically, The trial of this App is absolutely free but if you want to have all the features then you have to pay.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music will be installed on a lot of smartphones today because it comes Pre-installed in many phones as it Works very well on Android. You can run an album continuously on repeat and It also supports the most popular formats Like Wav, Flac, WV & WMA etc.

And if you are not happy with your phone’s music player or If It’s not giving You the desired audio quality, then you can use it and it also comes with most of the phones and if not, you can download it from the Play Store because it is totally free.

3. n7player Music Player

The next app in the list of best music player apps for android is n7player Music Player.

N7player Music Player Application is a Popular Music Application Player If you still use the previous old music player, you should use this player once and you can even search for any song within N7player if you are using it online.

This music player application supports all formats, it makes a good base with Gapless playback and timer, 10-band Equalizers, and Triple Channel balance with lots these feature is absolutely free on this App and you can download this app from Play Store and the full version is $ 3.99 and it runs in Android Version 2.2 above.

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4. Shuttle Music Player

The next app is Shuttle Music Player in this list of best music player apps for Android. Shuttle Music Player is a very attractive app. This is one of the most popular music player apps that is very much liked by the users, with the addition of Gapless playback and 6-Band Equalizer to boost Bass. This music player supports MP3s and Flac, Ogg and Wav etc and it has a very good theme design.

And it is helpful to improve the quality of audio, so if you are listening to music in your smartphone, then you can install this music player and it is available free of charge in the Play Store, but you will have to pay $ 1.49 for its Plus version And it runs on Android version 4.1 above.

5. Pi Music Player – Mp3 Player

Pi Music Player is the next App in the best music player apps for an android list. This Music player is a very popular App among the users and it already has 10 million plus downloads Already and also has a rating of 4.8 on Google play store.

It has amazing features like Sleep Timer, 5 Band Equalizer, It also supports Audiobooks and podcasts and You can even cut any song for making it your ringtone. It has a very sleek Interface for perfect User Experience and also has four themes for users So that user doesn’t get bored Quickly.

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6. Poweramp Music Player

The next App in this list of best music player apps is Poweramp Music Player. It has already had an amazing number of 50 million plus downloads on the play store with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The overall downloads number shows how good this App because already so many peoples are using this App.

you can add the different effects to your songs while listening to them like Tempo, Reverb, Tone, Stereo, and Equalizer. A user will get all the audio formats like mp3, m4a, etc. 10 band Equalizer, custom presets, Base and treble adjustments, gapless are some great features this app offers.

If you want features like Ultra fast library scan for songs, High-level customization, lots of themes and options on lock screen then you can download this app. In the starting, you can only use this App trial and can buy it further if you want.

7. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player is the next App in this list of best music player apps for Android. If you want a simple app to listen to songs Then this app can be the best choice for you. The best part of this App is that it’s totally free and without even a single ad (Advertisement), It’s completely Ads Free.

It has very Minimalistic design and very easy navigation for users to get the best experience while listening to songs. You can directly Move/copy, Rename directly in the App. This app has powerful Equalizer. It has two timer options, First close app in particular time and second closes the app after a song.

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8. Pulsar Music Player

The next app we have is Pulsar Music Player. This app has 1 million plus downloads on play store with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Its size is also very small just 2.9 MB and this app has a huge list of features that make this app one of the best music player apps.

The features this app has is beautiful Interface with responsive UI, Gapless playback support, Built-in tag editor, Crossfade support, Automatic sync music, play speed adjustments, Lyrics display, Sleep timer, Ads Free and much more.

It supports all kinds of different audio formats, Lots of people already like and use this app so much and you can also give it a try If you like this app or not.

9. jetAudio HD Music Player

The next app in this list of best music player apps is jetAudio HD Music Player. This app has 10 million plus downloads on the play store with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. jetAudio HD Music Player is a free app with 10 bands graphic equalizer.

It has all the different audio formats that everyone uses and can even enhance your songs with Reverb, Wide and X-Bass. This app can also play music via Wi-fi from the local home network. It comes with 32 equalizer presets.

It has amazing features like 20 bands graphic equalizer, Tag Editor, Lyrics display, 14 app widgets, and Speed control. This app has basic and plus versions and different features for different versions. So chose wisely according to your needs.

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10. Phonograph Music Player

The last but not the least app in this of best music player apps for android Phonograph Music Player. It has more than 1 million plus downloads at the play store with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It has only 3.7 MB of download size. This app is an open source music player app for android.

This app is very easy to use with very clean Interface and Its UI colors change dynamically. Phonograph Music Player is a great music player application. It also features a color changing feature that supports Gapless playback. It supports MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, MP4 audio formats, it’s Design of the theme and great interface attract the users a lot.

This app has a feature of the lock screen, so if you want to use it, then install it on the free Play Store and it runs in Android version 4.1 above. You can definitely try this app if it suits you or not.


So this is my Top 10 selected best music player apps for Android. I hope you like this article. The app I mentioned you above in this article are some of the best options in terms of best music player apps for Android and there are some other options also but I selected which I feel is best for you.

You can download these apps as I provided download links with all the Apps and can give it a try and see which one you like. If you have any question related to this article then do comment Below.

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