Top 10 Benefits Of Rooting An Android Phone

If you have an Android phone and you want to know why you should root your android phone and what are the benefits of rooting an android phone, Then this post is for you. Here are the 10 benefits of rooting an android phone, After Knowing that you may like to root your phone right away. I have mentioned all the benefits that you should know in this article. So let’s know what are the benefits of rooting an android phone.

Maybe you heard from your friends or some other person that they have rooted their phone. It is therefore obvious that you wish to know the benefits of rooting an android phone. So let’s know those benefits quickly.

Benefits Of Rooting An Android Phone

1. Improve Speed and Battery Of Phone

The first benefit of rooting an android phone is you can increase the speed and battery of your phone. Rooted Phone makes you a  Super User. This can increase and multiply the phone’s ability to the next level. Additionally, battery power can also increase significantly.

There are so many applications for this. One of them is Greenify. This automatically handles applications running in your phone background, Which helps to increase in speed of the phone and battery life from any other normal phone.

2. Enable Custom ROM

If you ask what is the biggest benefits of rooting an android phone, Then my answer will be the Custom ROM. This is already on your phone. But you can use it only in an already fixed limit. But by installing custom ROM, you can enable so many handy and unique features in your phone.

You can set all its commands in your own way. This is a third party operating system and has the freedom to do better customization.

3. Disable Ads in any App

Now almost all the free applications come with the ads. Which is extremely disturbing, That also makes your experience bad. We have to tolerate this on a normal phone But the benefits of rooting an android phone are that you can block these ads.

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If you want to disable Ads then rooting your Android phone is the best option Or Another option is Installing App, One of the best applications for this is – Adblock Plus. This will allow you to easily block your phone’s disturbing ads. This will increase the phone’s battery life too.

4. Enable Custom Kernel

Next benefit of rooting an android phone is Enable Kernal. The kernel is responsible for the communication between your phone’s hardware and software. This means that the phone functions as a mediator to work better.

By Enabling Custom Kernal in the phone, we can also increase its performance and battery life. You will also get the extra feature in your phone and you can only do this in the rooted android phone.

5. Take Full Backup Of Your Phone

In a normal phone we can only backup the contacts, SMS, and apps, but in a rooted phone, we can take backups of all the data with all the settings of apps.

With this, when you buy a new phone or change the phone for some reason, you can get it back with all the data settings of your old phone. There are some other Applications like Titanium Backup to make your work a lot easier.

6. Remove Preinstalled Apps

Perhaps all android phone users are worried that the phone already has such unwanted apps which we can not uninstall even if we want to. It is also responsible for low internal memory.

If you root the phone, you can remove all the system Preinstalled applications very easily. Then you have the freedom to keep your favorite apps on your phone.

7. Customize your phone

Everyone wants his phone to be the most different. For that many people use different ways. But on a normal phone, it is not possible to completely customize your phone and make your phone the way you want.

But the benefits of rooting an android phone is that you get the freedom to customize color, icon. You can design the interface as desired and much more. Which you can not do in any normal phone.

8. Install “Incompatible” Apps and Unlock Hidden Features

Hidden features like apps blocking, make apps compatible are also in Android Phone. But without root you can not use these features.

Many apps are incompatible, which you can not use on the normal phone. When you are root your phone, you can use such applications very easily.

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9. Make Everything Automatic

If it happens that once we say to our phone that you have to do this at this time. And without touching the phone, how good would it be if it started to be automatic?

You can do this. You can do this also without rooting phones but for some advanced features, root access is requested. So if your phone is rooted then you can make the phone completely automatic.

For this, there is an application like Tasker which automatically does your work. In this way, you can make your phone completely automatically.

10. Your phone will actually be yours

By making your phone root, Your phone will actually be yours. You can fully customize your phone according to you, Which will really make you feel the phone owner.

There so many benefits of rooting your android phone and the main reason lots of people root their phone because it gives freedom to the phone owner to fully control their phone as they like, which non-rooted phone owners don’t have.

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So, That is the benefits of rooting an android phone that I mentioned above. You can Improve Battery and Phone speed, Take full Backup of your phone, Remove pre-installed Apps, make your phone Automatic and most Important Customize your phone as you like.

At the end rooting your phone or not rooting your phone, It’s up to you because if there are some advantages of something, There will probably be disadvantages too, So you have to decide according to your user experience in your phone that you want to root your phone or not.

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