Android P : All Features & Everything you need To Know (Full Information)

Android P All New Features

I will cover all the features that you need to know about Android Pie.

So, Let’s get started

1 – Battery and Brightness

Adaptive Battery

Google Implemented Adaptive Battery because often people think that Android’s battery capabilities are not good because when we talk about software and hardware Android’s reputation is very good but when it comes to the battery capabilities it’s not quite well.

Adaptive Battery is a very good feature, If you are not using a particular app and service then it won’t use much of your phone’s battery.

Battery Saver

Everyone wants their phone’s battery life longer and nobody wants to charge their phone twice a day. Some people also search for battery saving apps also in the Google play store but that doesn’t work always.

So, Google comes with Battery Saver that will keep your phone’s charge for longer by turning off features like the Always-On display and you can further in only one charge.

Adaptive Brightness

Most of the time we all have a problem with our phone’s brightness, Whenever we go somewhere outside of our homes or come from outside to inside our homes so we need to manually change our phone’s brightness but that will be an old thing after Google’s latest Android P.

With this feature, your phone learns how you set your screen’s brightness in different lighting environments and will automatically change the brightness of your phone according to the lighting environment.

Background restrictions

Before Android P operating system no previous Android version suggest us the Apps that are using our battery too much. So, that’s what this operating system will do for you. it will recommend you in settings to restrict some apps that are using too much battery.

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2 – Media

Multiple Bluetooth connections

You can connect multi Bluetooth and that will be very handy feature for some peoples.

Volume memory per Bluetooth device

Sometimes when we reconnect our Bluetooth to our cars or headphones it comes out as a kind of blast and too loudly so, that’s why in this feature Android 9 will easily recognize the volume last time you set for every Bluetooth devices so that no loud sounds come whenever you reconnect your Bluetooth.


If you watch Movies on Youtube and Google Play Movies then, this feature will enhance your experience of watching movies because of built-in support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR will improve the picture quality and brightness so that you experience better colors to enjoy your favorite Movies.

3 – Enhancements

New system navigation

Swipe up from anywhere to see full-screen previews of recently used apps, swipe left and right to easily navigate between them, and tap on one to jump in.

Overview Selection

This feature is like a shortcut, like if you long press to select image or text in overview mode and then you will see different options like what actions you want to take.


This feature gives you options and flexibility. It will give you all the Information results like a pop-up if you search something in the google search because of inbuilt app UI.

For example, if you search the nearest hotel to book a room and type it in Google search it will show you the hotel and room details. You can book a room without opening the app.

App Action

This feature will save a lot of peoples time because It helps you to figure out what you at that time on daily basis of time and It kinds of work with AI and just you to save your time.

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4 – Accessibility

Accessibility Menu

Android P Accessibilt Menu is much more easier, It’s interface is very smooth and you can operate it with single hand too.

Sound amplifier

This feature comes in use when we go somewhere there Lots of noise like parties and concerts, Then this feature will come handy and you will be able to listen the listen the conversations very easy.

5 – Digital Wellbeing

Do Not Disturb

You don’t have to worry about the calls though, You will receive all your Important Calls that are starred contacts.

Know How Much You Use Phone

Did you know how much time you daily spent on your phones? If you don’t, then this feature will help in that because it will show you how much time you spent daily with your phone, how much time you use which apps, and how much notifications you received.

App timers

If you are addicted to using social media and want to use it for a limited time but somehow you can’t? Then this feature will help you a lot.

You can set a time limit for daily use of your phone and when the time will be completed, Then you cannot use the App further that day.

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6 – Camera

Support Of Multi-Camera

A user can now expereience the multi-camera because of the Android P like Depth, bokeh, stereo vision, and more.

External camera support 

Android P now supports external USB’s and Connect Cameras with some devices Which will help you a lot.

7 – Privacy & Security

Google always think about users Privacy and security. Whenever Google releases something new they always come with users privacy and security.

Android P also offers some of the best Privacy and securities.

Android P enables The encryption which is very good if we see as a user’s privacy.

There is also StongBox feature which apps now can take advantage so that a user can keep the keys secure.

On Compatible hardware, Apps can now take advantage of the smart UI to make a sensitive transaction, such as making a payment.

Android P (pie)will also protect all your web communications like browsing and will give you a great Internet surfing as this will protect users data from hackers.

8 – Some Other Android P Features

Notification enhancements for messaging

Now you can reply to the messages through ‘smart replies’ in the notifications by responding in just tap and you will be able to see the images sent by your friends in the notification.

Manage Notifications

You will have a quick option to turn off notifications from apps, So you will only receive notifications from those apps which are helpful and important to you. You’ll also get a smart prompt if you are swiping away some notifications whether you want to receive them or not.


If your device supports cutouts then you can make use of available screen space and you can even use ‘Edge to edge screens’ if your device’s screen size is 18:9 and has taller aspect ratios, and devices with display cutouts then you will be benefited by Android P.

How To Get the latest Android P (Pie)?

So, after reading this article you all may be wondering how will I get the latest Android P to my smartphone?

If You have a smartphone with the previous Android version then there are very good chances that your phone will get the latest Android P update if you do not don’t have the nearest previous version of Android then you have to search it on google whether your phone will receive the Android P update or not.

In the starting when Google released the Android P update, They only released in Google’s handsets.


In this article, I have told you all about the Android P. This update will bring a new experience to everyone who uses Android devices. Google’s Implementation of AI-based Technology will bring new heights to the Android because it will focus on how you use your phone on a daily bases.

The Suggestions AI-based technology will give you a big change and will help you a lot to save your time and energy by suggesting you the different things.

In the starting, Google released this update in limited phones but now this update is available in many phones.

It also has an amazing and much-needed update like improvements in the batteries which is necessary for Android users.

One thing in which Google never Compromise is that user’s privacy and data security and that’s why in this update also Google did focus on user’s privacy and security.

So, Now you know all the Information about the latest Android P? And Which features you want to see in the next update from Google? COMMENT BELOW.

And don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends so, That they don’t miss any latest Information about Android P.


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